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Buy 12 months IPTV subscription

A detailed description about buying IPTV 4K 12 months subscription and how to activate it.

Now you can subscribe to our IPTV 4K subscription service for 12 months, we will offer you high-quality support that will guide you during your 12 months subscription of iptv journey.

What does 12 months IPTV 4K subscription includes?


The package of 12 months subscription includes the same features as other packages :

More than 15 000 channels +50 000 VOD and 24/7 Premium support can guide you on the ways to use your 12 months subscription.

  • Fast Activation
  •  Low Prices Guarantee
  •  +15 000 Channels
  • +50 000 VOD
  •  Compatible with All Devices
  •  4K ULTA HD and FULL HD
  •  Anti Freeze Stable Technology
  •  99.99% Up-time Servers
  •  Available Worldwide
  •  VPN Allowed
  •  24/7 Premium Support
  •  7-Days Money-Back Guarantee
  •  100% Secure Payments

Yes, you can renew the subscription when it’s expired then we will add you a new period of time to your same IPTV 4K line.

and you can extend as much as you like, for example, if you buy 12 months of IPTV subscription, and you want to extend to 6 more months IPTV 4K subscription then we will extend to that period

check the refund policy before you buy IPTV 4K subscription :


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